Support Our Mission

At DLYog Lab, we've invested significantly in creating and maintaining a hub for AI innovation, dedicated to advancing AI for Good. Our state-of-the-art lab is powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enabling us to train, fine-tune, and run inference on AI models for various experiments. We offer access to a wide range of experimental applications like FHIR Virtual Assistant, Deep2Lead, and IECoPilot, aimed at fostering learning and experimentation in AI—all hosted in our lab and provided free of cost.

The resources required to maintain this level of innovation are substantial. We appeal to the community for support to help cover our server maintenance costs and continue our endeavors. While contributions are entirely optional, they significantly aid us in continuing to provide these valuable resources. Every bit of support enables us to further our mission and assist more within the community. Your support helps us keep the lab operational and free for everyone interested in making a positive impact through AI.

Explore our experimental apps and see the impact of your support: AI Experiments.