Research Papers

Content Moderation: An LLM API with a Carefully Crafted System Prompt is All You Need

Meta's LLAMA3 language model can be used for content moderation by leveraging carefully crafted system prompts, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution that reduces the need for additional compute resources and operational overhead. This approach can be generalized to other models, offering a streamlined method for integrating content moderation into AI applications and increasing resource efficiency.

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Beyond the Falcon: A Generative AI Approach to Robust Endpoint Security

As cyber threats evolve, the need for robust endpoint security solutions becomes paramount. This paper introduces a novel generative AI-based architecture for endpoint security agents, named "AI4Falcon," designed to enhance their predictive, detection, and response capabilities. We propose a comprehensive framework that integrates generative adversarial networks (GANs) and transformer models to create dynamic threat models capable of anticipating and mitigating zero-day vulnerabilities.

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A curated List of GenAI Research Papers

A collection of Research Papers enough to understand current state of the Art GenAI landscape

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